Bennett Uy is a Licensed Acupuncturist and trained herbalist. He earned his Associates of Science Degree in Massage Therapy/Asian Bodywork at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Chicago. Afterwards, Bennett started his acupuncture and herbal medicine training which he completed at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. At these institutions, Bennett accrued over 600 hours of massage training as well as 3,500 credit hours in the acupuncture and herbal program.

Bennett’s training in massage therapy taught him the power of subtlety. He learned various modalities in his training including Swedish, Chinese Tui Na, Japanese shiatsu, and craniosacral therapy. It was through these various styles of massage the he noticed that the best results came from a slow and steady mentality as compared to the rigorous and labor-intensive on both the patient’s and practitioner’s end. This concept is often found in the teachings Chinese Daoist philosophy: taking the path of least resistance. It’s a mindset that promotes growth and forward momentum but in the gentlest but profound manner.

This philosophy informs Bennett’s acupuncture treatments as well. He believes that all forms of healthcare is a practice in minimalism combined with pragmatism. In other words, to find out how little can be done to still have a profound effect towards the better. This applies to applications of bodywork, acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietary change, and lifestyle changes. Exercise is also important, but it is not limited to just physical exercise but also mental and spiritual. Bennett tailors his treatments to suit the individual needs of each patient that he determines through a detailed interview and ongoing series of questions with the patient. These conversations are guided by the familiar questions of Western medicine combined with the unique ones that traditional Chinese medicine uses to determine a tailored diagnosis and treatment strategy that the patient actively participates in.